Nicholas S. Johnson

Greetings! I'm Nicholas Johnson and my main focus is geared towards programming in object oriented languages and other software related skills. Aside from that I'm also a "Jack of all trades", having basic to intermediate knowledge in other fields such as 3D animation, video editing, audio engineering, UI design/creation, etc. I'm always eager to learn something new, and disciplined towards improving my existing talents.


My passion for computers began at the age of five when I experienced the joy of playing video games. Interest in the technology grew the more I played, which would soon lead me to developing mods for several games by the end of middle school. From Roblox to Garry's Mod, I expanded my scripting knowledge simply for the fun of it.

The first time I really sank my teeth into development was with XNA Framework, which admittedly was a difficult transition for me. However I quickly became proficient with object oriented programming when Unity3D released; which allowed me to better grasp coding through C# and Javascript.

My pursuit in the computer science field led me to enrolling in Southwest Career & Technical Academy, a high school located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was then fortunate enough to be blessed with educators and friends who shared similar interests, which created a perfect environment for me to thrive.

During my college years, I continued to program and develop while also expanding the scope of my capabilities. I began juggling other hobbies such as film and music, and I would eventually shift over to Unreal Engine 4. It was then when I began working with C++ which propelled my programming knowledge to where it is today.

I'm a versatile developer, and I am always excited for my next adventure.